Using CV templates

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Are you trying to land that job you came across the other day? Sure, sending a CV based on a template is quick and easy to do. Most people will go for it because why bother creating your own CV when you can just fill out a template with a bunch of information and hope for the best. Here is why nine out of ten times that will not work!

You are sabotaging yourself!

By sending a CV based on a template to an employer, you are sending them a message and not a good one. Employers and recruiters can smell CV templates from miles away. Every second or third paper they go through is a mirror of a basic and boring template and it ends up in the trash bin. To get a chance to be invited to an interview, you need to capture the employer’s attention in the first five to ten seconds of viewing the CV. If they notice the CV was made using a temple, they wont bother reading any further as they will get the impression that you don’t care enough to get that job. Using a CV template makes you look like you are too lazy to put your own effort and creativity into applying to that position. You don’t want that, do you?

You are not standing out!

Recruiters receive tons of CV’s daily, making them experts for recognizing templates. For some reason, many people advertise using CV templates as a quick and easy way to apply for the job, they don’t tell you whether you have a chance to get it or not. So, naturally, people opt for what is being advertised and use CV templates all the time. That’s why employers have their hands full of boring template copies that all look the same. What are your chances of getting that job if you blend with the crowd of 100 or more people? That’s right. None. The chances are none. Therefore, ditch the CV templates and write your own CV that’s going to look different and stand out among others.

What to do?

If we have finally convinced you that using CV templates is probably not gonna get you that job, here is what you can do. Search for written CV’s in your field of work and save some of them to you computer. Try to find CV’s that were written by people who don’t use templates. Once you have a few of them, read them thoroughly and pick up the style and the language used. When you get the idea of what your CV should sound like, delete all those files and start your own from scratch. That way you wont be copying their CV’s and using them as templates but you will be inspired enough by their work to create your own original CV.

Therefore, quit looking at those templates and get to work! Creating your original content will increase your chances of getting that interview and the job itself!

Which career is right for you?

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Choosing a career is a very challenging part of our lives. How do you know which career is the right one for you? There are plenty of opportunities waiting for you at every corner, but it is up to you to decide where to take a turn. Unlike choosing a job, choosing a career is a decision that is going to follow you for the rest of your life. So, how can you be sure you are making the right choice?

According to many studies, human beings are exceptionally bad at predicting how they ¬†will feel about something in the future. That is why many people regret their choices later in life and find themselves unhappy with their careers. Choosing a life long path based on how you feel in a certain moment is a giant mistake. Humans often experience temporary happiness and joy when doing a specific job. However, if you look at the long term picture, that satisfaction may not last for very long. That may be the consequence of choosing a job you have no room to improve in. You may already be experienced in a certain field enough to do that job efficiently. While you can always learn more and improve your skills, that might not be too relevant for your position. Those kind of jobs are therefore meant to remain jobs only. A career should challenge you every day to work hard to achieve your goals. You shouldn’t by any means keep standing in one spot and call it a “career”. You will most likely find it boring and you wont be motivated enough to work every day.

So, how do you know which career is the right one for you? Instead of taking BuzzFeed career quizzes, take some time to think about it yourself. Consider the four important aspects that should lead you in the right direction, which are your skills, interest, style and values. Knowing your skill range is important when choosing a career, since obviously you want to be able to work properly and efficiently. If those skills match your interest, and in most cases they do, you are lucky enough to be on the right track to finding your career path. Style is another crucial part of your decision, since the majority of it depends on how you prefer to work. Whether you prefer communicating with people and working in teams or you’re more comfortable with working on your own, it will be a major factor in making your final choice. Go over the values you want your future career to have and try to find a way to match them with your interests.

Last but not least, choose what you’re passionate about. They say if you love what you do, you wont have to work a single day in your life. However, we believe it is completely opposite. If you are passionate about your career, you will work hard on it and strive to achieve the maximum. So, to sum it all up, choosing the right career is all about combining your skills and interest with your style and desired values and being passionate about your choice!

Skills health check – fill your gaps

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Getting a skills health check every now and then is recommended to stay on track with how much you’re improving. Besides that, it can help you fill the gaps in your CV as well. A CV filled with gaps such as unemployment for a period of time or lack of experience is likely not going to be considered for the job. Therefore, to increase your chances of getting that job, working on your skills and getting a check is mandatory.

What is a skills health check? 

There are plenty of skills health check tools that are available for you online, which makes them easy to access and complete. These tools are usually a series of questions that will tell you where you stand with the skills you own. A detailed report you get from these tools helps you understand and keep track of your improvement, or the lack of it. After the check, you might find that you need to work on a certain skill or you may even want to try to gain a completely new skill. These tools can also help you figure out which job you are good for and what to look for next. You will get the idea of what motivates you the best and in which environments you work most efficiently. Understanding your style of work and the motivators is crucial for finding the right job.

What you can do with it?

Besides the fact that a skill check will put you in a better position in terms of understanding what you can do and how well you can do it, it can help you in other ways as well. There comes a period when you are temporarily unemployed and that is completely normal. Don’t feel discouraged when not having a job for some time because there are still things you can do to improve and increase your chances on landing the next job. One of those things is getting a skills check. It is easy to understand why recruiters don’t find CV’s with gaps interesting enough to review. Being temporary unemployed for a period of few months is easy to overlook. However, those periods can sometimes stretch form a year to two or even more. That creates a gap in your CV that recruiters don’t want to see. You need to fill your gaps with information on what you have been doing during that period of time and how you effectively used it. Getting a skills check can help you fill the gap by letting the employer know you worked on improving your skills or even gaining a new skill. As long as you didn’t spend that time laying on the couch with a bag of chips, you are good to go.


Now that you understand why getting a skills health check and filling your gaps is important, you should proceed to get a check yourself and get some insight on how you can improve quickly. If you are currently looking for a job, the skills check report will help you create a good CV and impress the employer.