Mass Exodus of Londoners Seeking Property Outside Capital

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Capital Residents Leave London for More Space

As London companies adopt remote working practices, is there any need to stay in the capital all week round?

Covid-19 and the weeks of lockdown and remote working have changed the perception of our living arrangements, not least for Londoners it seems. Capital residents have long been happy by being in the thick of the things, and having the best of both worlds when it comes to job prospects and a wealth of entertainment options. However, there’s nothing like a global pandemic to change the way you view your surroundings. And the latest data says that Londoners are looking to leave!

Jobs outside of the city

Escape the City, a careers advisory service for jobseekers looking outside of London, has seen more than double the amount of enquiries, compared to the same period of 2019. Of course, this doesn’t account for the large number of Londoners who would be able to keep their current jobs, in a remote working capacity, whilst living outside of the city. As London companies make significant changes to their flexible working policies, or give up their city premises entirely, this opens up a breadth of opportunities for people looking to leave the capital.

What are London buyers looking for outside of the capital?

Middle class Londoners have often needed to make some sacrifices to live in the city, where the cost of property is known to be astronomically high. With miniscule gardens, and 1 bed apartments that cost the same as five-bedroom country residences, it’s understandable that capital dwellers are looking for more space at a time where space can save lives. An estate agents Romford team explains that buyers at the moment are looking for properties with space for a quiet home office as well as larger gardens. If you’ve been unlucky enough to have no garden space during lockdown, then this will be high on your priority list, whilst those with a small roof terrace will also be keen to stretch their legs a bit.

Where are buyers moving to?

Whilst some Londoners will take the opportunity to spread their wings and fly to far-flung corners of the country, others are favouring the balance that the home counties have to offer. This is particularly true for those who know or expect that they will still need to commute into the capital periodically. Tandridge in Surrey, which is 22 times less packed than London, is one of the destinations recording the largest surge in interest, whilst Medway in Kent is also popular. Essex is another region reporting increased buyer registrations, with people who want access to the coast and rural life, whilst taking advantage of the fast commute into the city when needed.

Moving before a second wave

With the pandemic far from over, some Londoners believe now is the right time to take flight. Although London’s rate of infection seems to be under control for now, there’s no telling what could happen during the autumn or winter months, when it is predicted that the coronavirus will thrive once again during the colder climate. With London’s crowds and packed public transport, these have been identified as key risk factors of viral contagion by leading epidemiologists. Getting out of London before the second wave takes hold seems like a sensible plan.


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