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Are you trying to land that job you came across the other day? Sure, sending a CV based on a template is quick and easy to do. Most people will go for it because why bother creating your own CV when you can just fill out a template with a bunch of information and hope for the best. Here is why nine out of ten times that will not work!

You are sabotaging yourself!

By sending a CV based on a template to an employer, you are sending them a message and not a good one. Employers and recruiters can smell CV templates from miles away. Every second or third paper they go through is a mirror of a basic and boring template and it ends up in the trash bin. To get a chance to be invited to an interview, you need to capture the employer’s attention in the first five to ten seconds of viewing the CV. If they notice the CV was made using a temple, they wont bother reading any further as they will get the impression that you don’t care enough to get that job. Using a CV template makes you look like you are too lazy to put your own effort and creativity into applying to that position. You don’t want that, do you?

You are not standing out!

Recruiters receive tons of CV’s daily, making them experts for recognizing templates. For some reason, many people advertise using CV templates as a quick and easy way to apply for the job, they don’t tell you whether you have a chance to get it or not. So, naturally, people opt for what is being advertised and use CV templates all the time. That’s why employers have their hands full of boring template copies that all look the same. What are your chances of getting that job if you blend with the crowd of 100 or more people? That’s right. None. The chances are none. Therefore, ditch the CV templates and write your own CV that’s going to look different and stand out among others.

What to do?

If we have finally convinced you that using CV templates is probably not gonna get you that job, here is what you can do. Search for written CV’s in your field of work and save some of them to you computer. Try to find CV’s that were written by people who don’t use templates. Once you have a few of them, read them thoroughly and pick up the style and the language used. When you get the idea of what your CV should sound like, delete all those files and start your own from scratch. That way you wont be copying their CV’s and using them as templates but you will be inspired enough by their work to create your own original CV.

Therefore, quit looking at those templates and get to work! Creating your original content will increase your chances of getting that interview and the job itself!

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